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NYLON FLAG Exclusive Saratoga Flag® Design / Size/ Price:
12inch x 18inch: NYLON [+$29.00]
2x3ft NYLON [+$49.00]
3x5ft NYLON [+$69.00]
4x6ft NYLON [+$159.00]
5x8ft NYLON [+$240.00]
6x10ft NYLON [+$390.00]
8ft x 12 ft NYLON [+$790.00]
11x17ft NYLON [+$1,990.00]
15 x 25FT Nylon [+$3,900.00]
20FT x 30FT [+$6,490.00]
2 PLY POLYESTER FLAG (Valley Forge® Design) / Size/ Price:
3x5ft Polyester (e pluribus unum design) [+$240.00]
8x12FT polyester (e pluribus unum design) [+$890.00]
Heavyweight Polyester (e pluribus unum design)
Optional NYS Desk Flag
Optional Items/ Imported Lightweight Fabric
*We'll ask for shipping info at checkout
All-Weather Nylon or Heavyweight 2-ply Polyester Fabric is available.

Finished with header & grommets.


This New York State Seal is a SaratogaFlag® Exclusive design, only available at

Read more about the Exclusive design by Saratoga Flag® on the Official Saratoga Flag Blog:

A low-cost lightweight poly is available in 3x5ft size. These lightweight flags are not recommended for extended outdoor use. Call for more info.

FLAG HISTORY: The New York state flag shows the state coat of arms on a blue field. The goddesses Liberty on the left, and Justice on the right support a shield in which the sun rises over boats sailing the Hudson River. Beneath the coat of arms is a shield containing the state motto "Excelsior," ("Ever higher"). An eagle atop a globe is above the arms. At Liberty's feet lies a discarded crown representing freedom from England.

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