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4inch x 6inch (+$4.00)
12" x 18" NYLON Dyed (+$29.00)
2ft x 3ft NYLON Dyed (+$54.00)
3ft x 5ft NYLON Dyed (+$69.00)
Custom 3x5ft- APPLIQUE SEWN (+$390.00)
4ft x 6ft NYLON Dyed (+$99.00)
5ft x 8ft NYLON Dyed (+$139.00)
6ft x 10ft NYLON Dyed (+$320.00)
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BRITISH NAVY FLAGS are available in a variety of sizes.  
All-Weather Nylon, Fully dyed Fabric.  
Custom Applique Stitched also available.

A low-cost lightweight poly (Imported) is available in 3x5ft size.  These lightweight flags are not recommended for extended outdoor use.  Call for more info.


A British ensign in British maritime law and custom, is the identifying flag flown to designate a British ship, either military or civilian. Such flags display the United Kingdom Union Flag in the canton (the upper corner next the staff), with either a red, white or blue field, dependent on whether the vessel is civilian, naval, or in a special category. These are known as the red, white, and blue ensigns respectively.

Outside the nautical sphere, ensigns are used to designate many other military units, government departments and administrative divisions. These flags are modelled on the red, white, and blue naval ensigns, but may use different colours for the field, and be "defaced" by the addition of a badge or symbol, for example the sky blue with concentric red, white and blue circles of the Royal Air Force ensign.

Today's white ensign, as used by Royal Navy ships, incorporates the St George's Cross (St George's Ensign). British yachts owned by members of the Royal Yacht Squadron are authorized to apply for a permit to wear this ensign. Defaced white ensigns include that of the British Antarctic Territory.

Since the reorganization of the Royal Navy in 1864, use of the White Ensign (a red St George's Cross on a white field with the Union Flag in the canton) has been restricted to ships, boats, submarines and on-shore establishments of the Royal Navy. The Royal Yacht Squadron also fly the white ensign by special dispensation.

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