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FLAGPOLE: Fiberglass-USA Kit- External Halyard-All sizes

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Available in 20ft, 25 ft, 30ft & 35ft.
Single-span pole.
Includes: USA Flag, halyard (rope), onion-shape top, clips, Foundation Sleeve, flash collar.
Option for Hinged Tilting base (Additional fee).

Fiberglass Poles are manufactured by Atlantic Fiberglass (imported from Europe). 
Authorized Dealer/ Distributor: Saratoga Flag Company.
Atlantic Fiberglass offers it's customer a flagpole that is manufactured with aerospace technology to create an extremely strong, sleek, wind resistant flagpole, that contains a clear, hard gel-coat finish that will not fade, crack or turn dull.  While the old fashioned style flagpoles are still being offered today by other companies, only Atlantic Fiberglass Products has taken flagpole technology to its next generation.

Envision a metal tube or pipe cut in half length-wise and then hinged back together. This is the steel mold. Instead of wrapping the fiberglass around a mandrel like other manufacturers and waiting for it to dry, we wrap the fiberglass and polyester around a rubber inflatable bladder and then place it inside the steel mold which is coated internally with gel-coat.

The bladder is then inflated to high pressure inside the mold. All the air and excess material is forced to the outside and exits through this vent line. This creates the small mold mark you will see. Curing is continued at full pressure and the resulting flagpole is stronger, denser, lighter and longer lasting.

These Fiberglass flagpoles are molded in one piece, using the beautiful Greek Entasis taper design - the classical shape of a candle.
Fiberglass flagpoles will not pit, corrode, or rust. This is extremely important near salt water or in rugged weather conditions. Unlike wood that can rot, or aluminum that discolors and pits, our flagpoles have an ultra-hard, gel-coat finish that is impervious to all weather conditions.
Fiberglass will NOT conduct electricity like ALUMINUM. No ground wires. NO LIGHTNING WORRY. Easy Installation!
Our standard flagpole has a brilliant white, pre-cast gel-coat finish. Other colors are available on special request. All poles have the same dura-hard, fade-free, weather resistant finish.
All poles come with a special designed, high quality, revolving-truck as standard equipment.

USA Flag Kits are Tax-Exempt.

TRUCKING IS ADDITIONAL (Ballpark: $360-$490 range, depending on location... ships nation-wide in USA.).
Call for a quote.

Installation Services are available for Upstate New York, Vermont, & Western Massachusetts.  Call for more information: 518-792-1776.

Atlantic Fiberglass flagpoles are made by using an innovative high strength method. Inside a steel clamshell mold, seven layers of reinforced fiberglass roving, mixed with a polyester resin is aligned in a vertical plane for maximum strength and placed on a thick layer of gelcoat.  An inflatable bladder is layed the length of the mold. The mold is closed, the bladder inflated and the resulting pole is created by subtle inside pressure and slow curing during an exothermic chemical reaction. The result, a lighter weight, stronger, more slender and graceful flagpole on the market today.  So strong in fact, that tensile strength is 50,000 pounds per square inch. Each pole is rated to withstand wind speeds of 120 mph.
Flagpoles of Distinction.

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