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Flag Enthusiast Gift Bundle- TOTE BAG- Vexillologist

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Part Number:2021-101-B

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World Flag Book with TOTE BAG (18" x 18")
Optional Items (see photos)
No Optional Items needed
USA Flag (3x5ft Nylon, embroidered stars, sewn stripes) (+$49.00)
Flagpole (5 FT, white, spins & fits 1" diam bracket) (+$49.00)
White Bracket (for 1" diameter pole) (+$29.00)
DESK SET (5 flags, 4x6inch) in plastic base). Indicate flag choices below). (+$29.00)
DESK SET: Flags of Our Country (10 USA Historical Flags, 4x6"). (+$59.00)
DESK STATUE: IWO JIMA (Made in USA) (+$249.00)
Ambassador USA Flag (8x12") DESK SET (+$139.00)
Presidential USA Flag (8x12" embroidered stars, sewn stripes) DESK SET (+$289.00)
HOBBY APRON (Stars & Stripes, all sewn). 24" x11" (+$49.00)
New York State Flag (12x18inch Nylon. Exclusive Design by SaratogaFlag). (+$29.00)
New York State Flag (2x3Ft Nylon. Exclusive Design by SaratogaFlag) (+$39.00)
New York State Flag (3x5Ft Nylon. Exclusive Design by SaratogaFlag) (+$59.00)
ART PRINT by Scott LoBaido (12x16 inches). choose below. (+$49.00)
FRAMED Art Print by Scott LoBaido (12x16 inches) (+$78.00)
Optional Art Print by Scott LoBaido (Choose Design)
NO Print needed.
"Never Forget". FDNY 9-11
"Thin Blue Line"
"Sunrise" First Responders
"Iwo Jima"
"WW2 Memorial"
"Vietnam Memorial"
"Betsy Ross"
"Windy Day"
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Gift Bundle for your Favorite Flag Enthusiast (Vexillologist).

Includes two items:
1.  One book:
"The World Encyclopedia of Flags (The definitive guide to international flags, banner, standards and ensigns.)"
by Alfred Znamierowski

2. One TOTE BAG (cotton, embroidered stars, sewn stripes).  Size:  18" x 18."   Made in USA.

Customize the package with Optional items.

Call for more info: 518-792-1776.

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