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4inch x 6inch [+$4.00]
8inch x 12inch on staff [+$9.00]
12inch x 18inch on staff [+$6.00]
12" x 18" NYLON Dyed [+$19.00]
2ft x 3ft NYLON Dyed [+$39.00]
3ft x 5ft NYLON Dyed [+$49.00]
Custom 3x5ft- APPLIQUE SEWN [+$99.00]
3x5ft Imported- Lightweight [+$24.00]
4ft x 6ft NYLON Dyed [+$59.00]
5ft x 8ft NYLON Dyed [+$69.00]
6ft x 10ft NYLON Dyed [+$129.00]
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SWEDEN FLAGS are available in a variety of sizes. 
All-Weather Nylon, Fully dyed Fabric.  
Custom Applique Stitched also available.

A low-cost lightweight poly (Imported) is available in 3x5ft size.  These lightweight flags are not recommended for extended outdoor use.  Call for more info.

The flag of Sweden is a Scandinavian cross that extends to the edges of the flag. This Scandinavian cross represents Christianity.[2][3] The design and colours of the Swedish flag are believed to have been inspired by the present Coat of arms of Sweden of 1442, which is blue divided quarterly by a cross pattée of gold, and modelled on the Danish flag.[4] Blue and yellow have been used as Swedish colours at least since King Magnus III's royal coat of arms of 1275.

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